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 The contents will be in German or English as fits. The contents will be in German or English as fits.
-===== PDF4Smalltalk ​=====+{{:​dokuwiki.tar|tar-ed dokuwiki (ohne selbst)}} 
 +===== PDFtalk ​=====
-Documentation for [[pdf:pdf4smalltalk|PDF4Smalltalk]], the Smalltalk library for PDF.+Documentation for [[https://​|PDFtalk]], the Smalltalk library for PDF.
-===== Haushaltsvisualisierung ​=====+===== Unsere Gelder ​=====
-[[haushalt|Dokumentation]] zur [[​Lübeck|Schatzkarte]] des Lübecker Haushalts.+[[haushalt|Dokumentation]] zur Visualisierung des [[​Lübeck|Lübecker Haushalts]].
 ===== Complex Values ===== ===== Complex Values =====
-The Values ​package is my base library for almost everything I doIt provides Values (as opposed to Objects) which are simple, immutable objectsValues can only be created but never modifiedThis allows for a functional programming style and simplyfies systems, since much less state has to be maintained. Especially I like to see all structure and details (of complex values) at a glance and the ease of creating test values.+The paper and slides about [[values:​complexvalues|Complex ​Values]]. 
 +===== Lübecker Smalltalk Programmierer ===== 
 +In Lübeck treffen sich Smalltalk Interessierte einmal im Monat: [[https://​​de-DE/​Smalltalk-Programmierer-Lubeck/​|Meetup]]. 
 +Ideen notieren wir hier: [[Smalltalker|Lübecker Smalltalker Wiki]] 
-I wrote a (scientific) dry paper about it and presented it at ESUG 2009 in Brest. I think that nobody understood it... :-). One can buy the [[http://​​citation.cfm?​id=1735935&​jmp=cit&​coll=GUIDE&​dl=GUIDE#​CIT|paper from the ACM]]. The slides of the talk are [[http://​​ESUG2009Media/​uploads/​1/​complex_values_haider.pdf|here]]. On request, I could send you a draft of the paper on which the ACM does not have the copyright :-). 
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