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-====== ​Access to the source ​code at Cincom'​s Public Store ======+====== ​Source ​code at Cincom'​s Public Store ======
-The bundle **PDF Development** should be loaded to get everything. +The source code is in Cincom'​s public store.\\ 
- +You need VisualWorks ​(7.6 or later) ​with StoreForPostgreSQL loaded.
-The source code is in Cincom'​s public store. You need VisualWorks with StoreForPostgreSQL loaded. +
- +
-In the connection dialog you enter:+
 +To connect to the repository, enter the following in the store connection dialog:
   Interface: ​  ​PostgreSQLEXDIConnection   Interface: ​  ​PostgreSQLEXDIConnection
   Environment:​​5432_store_public   Environment:​​5432_store_public
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   Password: ​   guest   Password: ​   guest
   Table Owner: BERN   Table Owner: BERN
 +Load the bundle **PDF Development** to get everything needed for development into the image.
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