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finally released

Submitted by ChristianHaider on Sat, 2011-08-20 22:28

now it really happened… Phhhh. After 2 years in production, I finally have it out in the open. Last year at ESUG, I showed a bit briefly and was hoping to publish it in a few weeks… 52 weeks is also few, right?

It helped to have a talk about it scheduled at ESUG on Wednesday :-) [see ESUG]( After the talk I will put the slides here (the best documentation I have, besides the code).

The past year, I mainly worked on Fonts which are crutial to PDF - that took a bit longer than hoped. I implemented Type-1 fonts and some windows APIs, but now I connected it to PDF - last minute… Not much tested, but seems to work.

This week was really the last time to clean up, disentagle references, fix bugs and add some demo code.

I rewrote the user interfaces (PDFExplorer and FontExplorer) abandoning Widgetry for this project (too many unrelated dependencies) - unfortunately. There was a price: 2 features of the original tools were dropped because they couldn't get implemented in the base system.

I think that there are a lot of docs to write - I guess Origo can be a good place for it.

Now I am really curious about the reaction of the community. Will people look at it? Can they use it? Will it be ported to other Smalltalks? What bugs creap up?

Happy hacking,



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