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   0 0 0 1 k  % filling   0 0 0 1 k  % filling
-The PDF4Smalltalk library ​supports ​these variations by initializing ​the renderer with a colorspaceThe renderer can than select ​the right operators when the fill or stroke ​color is setThe API is:+The renderer ​supports the device color spacesIf you need other color spaces, you need to work directly with the color operators.
 <code smalltalk>​ <code smalltalk>​
-"​colorspace:​ DeviceGray new" +renderer strokeColor:​ <​ColorValue or CMYKColor>​. 
-renderer strokeColor:​ <​ColorValue or CMYKColor>​. ​  "with conversion"​ +renderer fillColor: <​ColorValue or CMYKColor>​.
-renderer fillColor: <​ColorValue or CMYKColor>​. ​    "with conversion"​ +
-"​colorspace:​ DeviceRGB new" +
-renderer strokeColor:​ <​ColorValue>​. ​  "​no conversion"​ +
-renderer fillColor: <​ColorValue>​. ​    "​no conversion"​ +
-"​colorspace:​ DeviceCMYK new" +
-renderer strokeColor:​ <​CMYKColor>​. ​   "no conversion"​ +
-renderer fillColor: <​CMYKColor>​. ​     "no conversion"​+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The renderer will insert ''/​DeviceRGB''​ operators for ColorValues and ''/​DeviceCMYK''​ for CMYKColors. If the color is gray, ''/​DevideGray''​ is used.
 Example: Example:
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